Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Why?


It is such a simple little word, but used so often.

I use it alot. With my job, my kids and yes my horse. Monday I was supposed to have another lesson on Frank. Sigh.....I did not, it seems my little sugar problem is rearing it's ugly head again... WHY? So, not feeling my best thought better of it to get on and get dizzy or pass out on the big guy. Jed rode him. I would like to tell you it was all good, but alas we had some bumps.....WHY?

I swear it is like he lost all that he had learned......I attribute it to being like my kids, they must keep testing the boundaries. They know when they are doing something wrong, they know there will be consequences but they go ahead and do it anyway.....WHY? Perhaps it is the way of the world.

Tomorrow is another day and each day is just a small part of the journey.
So we will not ask why, we will just persevere and continue onward. Still taking him to the show this weekend and perhaps it will all come together again, we shall see.

happy trails......


Anonymous said...

You you feel better very soon!

Mrs Mom said...

Take care of that "little sugar problem" girlfriend.

Frank is a "kid" yet. He'll come around!