Monday, July 26, 2010

Frank the Tank : he's a lean mean reining machine!

Back from the weekend!

Busier than heck today but a quick post to let ya'll know I am a proud Mama once again.

Frank was a rockstar this weekend! We did Five classes and he placed in all of them!
Jed showed him for me as I was working the show office. We did have a bobble in our ranch reining class, he dove for the gate in his right circle. Not sure why, he has never done that before and it cost us plenty but he came back on Sunday full throttle. He got fourth out 12 in Trail class, 3rd out of 8 in ranch riding and then he smoked them all in reining by laying down some out of this world stops and a penalty free pattern. 1st out of 10 his first trip out in reining!!

I promise , promise, promise I did get pictures! My bestest girl Becca snapped about ten thousand for me and is sending me a disk asap. The header of the blog is right after he won his class and you can tell I am happy and boy was it HOT! 94 in the shade.

That's all for now. Be back soon!

Happy trails.......


Anonymous said...

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Melanie said...

Congratulations!!! Frank is a tank, indeed...and a handsome on at that! : )

PS-I enjoyed reading your Breyer horse post. I still have a bunch of my old ones too....

allhorsestuff said...

OH!!! This is excellent! You look so happy..him too in that fantastic photo!
He is such a talented and handsome lover of a horse!

A Black and White pinto pony was my first Breyer...then a foal, then Misty of Chinnqutegue...I had about 50 in all when I was young..wish I had them all now too! I have Misty and the black and white pony and a handsome "Jumping" bay Gelding.

Anonymous said...

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