Friday, July 23, 2010

Memory Lane......breyer horses

As most of you know, I work in the Kentucky Horse Park and get to see lots of events coming and going around here. This morning driving in I was taken back down memory lane to when I was a young girl.

As you can see from the picture above, this weekend is Breyerfest at the horse park.
It is an event where thousands of young people with their parents in tow walk around vendors and events all surrounding the Breyer horse. There are statues for sale as well as tack, accessories, barns etc all for the little creations. It truly is amazing how busy it is and the varied crowd that it draws. Today they are invading our building here at USEF to do crafts in our kitchen. That means yours truly will be dining in her office at my desk. It's OK, I remember when.......

Matter of fact I can remember when I was 6 or 7, long before I had my first horse I would save any money I earned or got for birthdays, chores etc and save up for the next Breyer horse I could get.

Here are a few that I still have, most did not survive all the moves and er well... my very active young men who like to put GI Joe's on them and play rather rough.

This one is running colt I think, one of the very first I ever got.

My all time favorite! You can see I always liked horses of color!!

Yes, more colored ones! I had a whole family don't know where the other one got to.

Every one's favorite! STORMY !

Hope this brought back some memories for you. Do you have a collection? Share some with me!

Off to the ranch horse show! Be back next week with pictures and details!

Happy trails.......


Susan said...

How neat I wish we were going we thought about it but decided my youngest was too young. Maybe next year. What do you do at the horse park? We have visited twice this year (we live in Indiana) and are planning on coming back for the WEG games.

lytha said...

holycrap you've photographed my breyer horses!!!!

i was always annoyed that the arabian family (from the 80s?) didn't look arabian enough for me. so i bought the andalusian family and pretended. they looked more like arabs to me. ('cept for the mare).

i gave most of my breyers to a horse-crazy girl 10 years ago, but kept the andalusian set.

in a box in my parents' attic cuz now i live in germany.

wish they were here. thank you for sharing.