Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That frisky feeling

Spring has peeked out here, HOORAY!!

I did go down South to see Frankie this weekend. I did take my new saddle with me.'
I did ride the Frank both Saturday and Sunday. It was......a mixed bag as far as rides go.

Saturday afternoon I saddled Frank with the new Reinsman saddle and it seems to fit him very well. I was warned to lunge him some because he had not been ridden since Thursday. Seems there was a pipe bursting problem in the barn that demanded immediate attention on Friday. So I did get out the lunge line and proceed to lunge my fellow. WOW! I was not prepared for what I got. He bucked, and bucked and bucked like I never have seen. My first thought was something is wrong with the saddle fit. Wrong.... he just felt amazingly frisky and happy with the warm weather.
When I say warm I mean 60, something we have not seen the likes of since early November. Scott came out and was smiling ear to ear telling me I told ya so. I asked him what he was feeding my beast to make him so eager to work. Ya see Frank is er well....Lazy. Not saying it to be mean it is just a fact, spurs are the necessity when riding him. Scott rode him a bit and he was of course the gentleman. We went over what he has learned since I was last there, it has been almost a month, then I rode him. We had a great ride, I worked on some new things and I liked the saddle more than I thought I would. See I have a love affair with "cutter" my other saddle. It is darn near perfect. It is a handmade saddle and is just the bomb as far as I am concerned, 17" flat seat and leather like butter. The Reinsman is a 16" and the cantle is much higher than what I am used to, the seat is rough out and man I stuck like glue. The only thing that bothered me was that the stirrups were stiff and not turned, something I know will come with riding but brother when you got crud for knees like me it hurts!

Sunday brought another beautiful day weather wise and Scott was so nice as to work up the dirt in the outdoor pen! I saddled Frank and headed outdoors. The sun was shining and he seemed genuinely happy to be outside too! I was working on circles and lead changes and all was going good until.......yeah you know there was an until.
The yearlings were turned out in a pasture adjacent to the outdoor pen. They were so happy to be out and were running around snorting and bucking having a great time.
Frank decided he should join in.....
He totally tuned me out and went to screaming (really he does scream not whinny) and jumping all around. I tried getting him back to frame and work but he was really giving me the works. Scott decided that was not gonna happen and he had me get off and he had a conversation with Frank. Lots of work and then Frank saw the light. I guess it was to be expected since he hasn't been out much and the weather change but I gotta tell ya the whole thing left me wondering if he will ever get over the detachment issues.

Happy trails.....


allhorsestuff said...

Hi there sweet thing...sounds very good there and starting to liven up for training again.
Frankie...he is the handsomest horse..I am so glad you found him!

I had a BIG BUCK OUT session with Wa ...funny thing..no saddle at all and no pulling..she totally kept the line taunt and was polite..but WHOA..she can really buck..no wonder when she has gotten me off it took NO-time!

Thanks for your nice comment over at my place for my Anniversary!

Rising Rainbow said...

Running a broom handle through those stirrups when the saddle isn't in use will help turn them for you. It's amazing how much exertion stiff fenders can put on knees and ankles.