Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Seems I have left you all hanging again.... wondering where and what I am up to. Too much as usual. The Spring weather did not last it has been rainy and cold and I am fed up with it. Today it is near sixty and sunny at last! The forecast is for nice weather the rest of the week, 70's now we are talking!!

Lots of stuff to report to you.

I went to a show on the 20th of this month, I did not show I was the show secretary. Must earn extra cash to pay trainer. Trainer did show Frank. I was not pleased to find Frank sick and having discharge from his eye and coughing at the show. I was not informed of this prior to the show and made myself clear that it was unacceptable and I should have been notified. The haul to the show was five hours not to mention exposing other horses to the sickness. Frank won his rail class, placed 5th out of 18 in trail with marked improvements and attempted a cattle class. I say attempted because he was DQ'd when he lost his cow to the herd. That was OK, he had never been in a herd of thirty and he was quiet and did a deep cut. Just got beat to the left, he is no speedy Gonzalez here. Overall I was happy with Frank, not so with trainer. I was informed that he let two people ride my horse the previous evening. There was a previous discussion that only HE would ride my horse.
Needless to say the result of the weekend was not a happy ending.

Some good did come out of the weekend. My family was expanded with the addition of this little darling!

This is Chloe! Our newest little Jack Russell girl.

She is a handful and making me re think the whole puppy thing! Been a long time since I have had one. Not to mention working full time and trying to crate train her is another full time job.

My ride home was filled with thought and worry and more thought. But... I knew what had to happen. I decided to bring Frank home. I just cannot handle lack of respect and that is how I felt. I explicitly explained my feelings of other people riding my horse and I feel like it was blatantly ignored. So..... this past Saturday I went down and retrieved my dear boy. I must say I have missed him so. Although I do not have an indoor or proper ring to school him in I will survive and move onward. Where there is a will there is a way. I am excited to tell you about a new organization that I have joined and what Frank and I will be doing next. I will fill you in next time. Must get back to work now.

Happy trails.......


allhorsestuff said...

Oh C! You did it again...hanging us up for the surprise!
Man, I am so sorry that it turned out to be totally the wrong trainer!I have to agree-hands-down- ill behavior as you described is intolerable. You did the right thing and ...give it time...I know, I am still in that time of no arena consistently...dreams on hold but desires being met in riding outside!
Hope you boy is healing and better!

allhorsestuff said...

PS... meant to say also,that JR pup is adorable!!Perfect for Easter!

Pony Girl said...

That puppy is TOO darling!! ;) I've always like JR's, they have great personalities. You'll get through the puppyhood!
Sorry to hear about your trainer...wow, did he offer any kind of explanation to defend himself? Not that it excuses that he went against your wishes, I guess I was just wondering why he did it.
You did what you felt was right and you'll figure it out. Will you maybe find another trainer?