Thursday, March 4, 2010

annual checkup

This past week was Frankie's annual check up week. Mainly I wanted to have his teeth checked but went ahead with all his yearly maintenance. He turns five this month, the 27th to be exact, and he had some caps hanging around from baby teeth. I noticed last show that there was one sharp one up front and immediately scheduled the tooth fairy to come see him. Unfortunately, the weather kept delaying the appointments. Happy to say that he made it last week and fixed Frankie's pearly whites all up.

I also had the chiropractor out to check him over. We are still having issues to the right with Frank and I wanted to rule out anything skeletal. When I say issues I mean Frank cannot cross over correctly to the right for reining maneuvers. He kicks himself, steps behind his leg, tries to fall down etc....
The chiropractor found him in good shape overall with a small misalignment at the
3rd and 4th vertebra. I feel good that I had him looked at and I guess we will keep going with the thought that it is a mental block for him. Frustrating, as he lopes off beautifully on the right lead and shows no signs of soreness anywhere. My hope is that now we are working him on cattle that it will give him purpose to put his feet where they belong correctly.

We rounded out the week with our coggins test, yearly shots and health certificate for the next show later this month. Happy to have that out of the way although my wallet is suffering a bit.

Happy trails.......


Pony Girl said...

Good news...sounds like all went well with Frankie's apt! Sure does put a dent on the wallet, you're right! Luckily, I won't have to do teeth this year, so that will help a little! ;)

allhorsestuff said...

Yea!!! Sure have missed you C!
Your gorgeous Frankie sounds to be in tip top shape!
What a good horse mom you's gonna be a good year too!