Friday, August 22, 2008

Harley's new ride

OK, so I left you in suspense on the last post about the surprise hubby had for me when I got home from camp cattle clinic. Yes, it is a new horse trailer, well actually it is not new.....just new for me. It is actually a year or two older than my other one, just bigger and has a few more things I was looking for. I am pretty picky about my trailer and am not your typical glitter and glam girl. In fact the thought of me taking a brand spanky new fancy trailer to some of the places I go makes me cringe...... Nope, I am a simple modified stock kinda girl, steel is fine I have the truck to pull it. Nothing fancy just safe and get me there kinda thing.
Here is Harley's old ride,

A 1992 ponderosa modified stock with a 2' dressing room that is nicely finished in cedar and it has a small air conditioner that I added under the nose. Nothing wrong with this ride, just wanted A)a place for my tack besides the dressing room and
B) more room inside the dressing room so my family can travel with me to shows
This was not possible in this trailer as four in the bed makes for no sleeping and I am just to old for Tenting it anymore.

Enter the new ride:

Besides the fact that it is really BLUE! something I am getting used to, I really am going to like it. I say going to because I am having to do some major renovations inside the dressing room. It has really ugly paneling in there.....see

I have also ripped out the carpet and hubby and I are installing a hard wood floor.
With the extra room, (it has a five foot short wall) we are designing bunk beds for the wee ones to sleep in. This should be a fun project......
But best of all the person who owned it before me installed this...

Yes, an awning. How nice, for years I have been dragging one of those instant up shade things around, needing two people to set it up and all that nonsense. I am also happy that I now have this..

It is a little tack area that someone modified in the back box of the trailer using the escape door as an entrance. It cuts down on the size in the horse area but I usually only haul one most days and there is still room for two back there which is plenty. Besides Harley is so small he fits anywhere. This trailer also has the small slide gate within the rear swing door for easy access to the horses. All in all just what I was looking for. Yea!!

Now, I need to sell the other one so I can finish my modifications to this one.
Anyone interested email me privately and I have a flyer made up.

This weekend I am judging a Pony of Americas trail class at a show in Northern Indiana!
Have a great weekend!
Happy trails......


Mrs Mom said...

WOW! Bet you wont loose your rig in amongst a bunch of others!! LOL

I like it! Your Hubby scored BIIIIG in Bonus Points there huh? ;)

Harley be riding in STYLLLLEEEEE with you!

GNH said...

Gotta have the awning. Funny a friend and I were talking about big horse trailers today. Someone we knew pulled up in a 4 horse trailer that has pretty decent living quarters in it. My friend said he had checked out some new ones and they cost a hundred grand! I think I might sell my house and just live in one of those. Gives a new meaning to the term trailer trash!

Flying Lily said...

Very nice! I bet it looks super nice inside when you get through remodeling it. And bunk beds - the kids will love that!! Good on hubby.

The Knutson's said...

NICE!!! The awning will definitely be worth its weight in gold!

My kids told my husband that we should sell our travel trailer, and by a brand new horse trailer with slide-outs instead...we can only dream.....

Callie said...

Cool! Nice! I miss my trailer and I need a new one! Too cool!