Thursday, August 28, 2008

The end result

So I have left you in suspense on the redo pictures of the trailer, and while not completely finished with bunk beds... this will have to do until spring.
Hubby managed to get the floor done today and I well.... moved my tack into the little tack compartment. I am very happy with the results we were able to get and cannot wait to use it!

Picture of paneling before redo

after some paint...

I did not have a before picture of the rug that looked like a cheap poncho complete with dried mud and such, but here is a picture of the floor we put down. I think it looks great.

Now for that tack compartment... well lets just say it is filling up fast.
Where did I get all this stuff??

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I cleaned out the other trailer today and I was amazed at all the stuff I had crammed in there. I am doing an evaluation on what I really need and what can go by the wayside. I am hauling the black trailer to a lot tomorrow to put it up for sale and hope to move it before fall. Just got another invite to a cattle work session for September and you can bet I am going! I have another show the end of September and with any luck can manage a cattle class this time. Tomorrow I hope to share with you my new chinks!
Happy trails.....


Palomino Girl said...

WOW! The floor REALLY brightens up the both spaces! Very cool idea. Are you going to be doing any updates to the horse area, or just the human area? Will they get the benefit of some fresh paint and a fancy floor? ;)

Pony Girl said...

It looks great! I love the floor! Can't wait to see the bunks, I suppose we can wait til spring.
NEW CHINKS?! Can't wait to see them! I am hoping to wear mine on the trails this weekend, it's supposed to be chilly. I know, it's August, but around here, that's par for the course! ;)

Melanie said...

Your new trailer is looking great! I bet you can't wait to use it :)

How cool that you got to judge at a show. I always wanted to get my judges card in something...maybe when I am done with school?

Callie said...

Wow! What an improvement! Looks great!

Flying Lily said...

Beeyootiful trailer! Wow. You are going to have a blast with that.

Anonymous said...

That floor looks great. What a handy space for tack. I know that i can cram a lot of stuff into a space - guess i am not the only one.