Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frank's new digs

Last post I told you that Frank was moving to a new place. I am happy to tell you that on the 1st we did indeed head on over to our new place. It is a much smaller barn and fewer horses on the property. Nothing fancy just a good, safe place where the owner truly cares about her clients and the horses. My new barn owner was very accommodating when I asked for a separate paddock for Frank because of his attachment issues. She even went so far as to move a horse around in the barn to give him the stall which sits off by itself so that he has no direct contact with a neighbor horse. I know this sounds kinda mean but the boy truly has issues with attaching to another horse and it makes my life really difficult. He has a direct view out of the barn and of course can see the horse across the aisle from him. His door even has an opening window which we do leave open so he can stick his precious head out for attention.

Here is a picture of his new place. I love the foliage surrounding the barn.

Frank's stall would be the first one on the right as you enter the barn. It is 10x10 and has mats and bedded heavy with grass hay. That is a new concept to me and I thought he would eat it rather than use it for bedding but it seems to be working fine. Since Frank has now joined the pregnant gelding club he is sequestered during the day and is turned out at night. He seems very happy!

A picture of the boy having a snack.

I had planned on a labor day ride but it was not meant to be. Frank pulled a shoe on Sunday evening and the rain from tropical storm Lee set in. It has rained every day since Sunday so far and been in the 60's for highs! I had the farrier out on Tuesday and we are all fixed up in the hoof department so anxiously awaiting a break in the weather so I can go ride. I am excited to check out the 300 acres available for me to go explore! Well friends as always thanks for riding along!

Happy Trails........

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