Monday, November 30, 2009

where does the time go?

Hi all,

I have been meaning to get here all month to post but things happen.
So much to tell you where do I start? Well I guess I will start
By telling you that I am having to post from my blackberry
Since my PC is dead. Work is to busy to find the time and my
lunch hour has become an errand marathon.

I did take Frankie down South to the trainer and spent the weekend
They are a great family and I cannot remember when I last
Laughed so much. I felt like Scott and him clicked and begrudgingly
Left on Sunday. I get updates three times a week and he is doing
Great! I went last Saturday for a visit and to my surprise he
Is having a rope thrown off him and doing log drags. He has
Been on cattle a few times as well. The bummer to last weekend was that
I wrecked the truck when a deer jumped out and I swerveded to miss it
I put the truck in a ditch and sideswiped a fencepost. It could
Have been much worse, I am ok and the truck only suffered minor

Tonight I am home with a young un who is pukin constantly and I
Am praying the meds kick in soon.

Swear I will be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're around - sorry about the truck and I'm glad you're OK - hope the little one feels better soon!

Mrs Mom said...

Miss you TRC!! Hope the little man feels better QUICK. Real quick. Sorry to hear about the truck, but glad that Frank man is doing better!!

Loves to all y'all!

ZionFarm said...

Glad you are ok! Sounds like you have had quite a lot going on.

Hope the kid gets to feeling better! said...

best wishes for 2010 !