Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still kicking

Oh my friends I have been such a bad blogger of late...... did you miss me???
I miss reading all your blogs.

This working business is really taking it's toll on my other life. Now the time change makes it even more challenging.

The fall colors here are beautiful and I must get some of my pictures downloaded to share with you. It is on my list.

In addition to working full time I have been doing show secretary work at ranch horse shows on the weekends. There is a method to this madness. The extra money is going to put Frankie in training this winter.

I am loading him up on Saturday and we are heading South to visit a friend of mine.
He is a trainer and shows ranch horse. If they get along I will be leaving Frank for a while. I figure someone should be riding him all winter as I won't be. You know I hate the cold as it is.

I know it is short and I will update you as soon as I can.

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!


Mrs Mom said...

Happy Fall to you too!! Miss you woman- let us know you're still on the right side of the dirt now and again OK? ;)

Rubs to the crew there, and hugs to the boys!!

Anonymous said...

I like ranch horse events - they reward people who have "whole horses" who are versatile and responsive - not the over-specialized and artificial stuff you see in lots of the disciplines.

Dee said...

Fall is such a beautiful time to be outside on a trail with your horse. I just wish I had one of my own!

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