Monday, May 11, 2009

Frankie's heart break club

First let me start off by thanking all of you for your insights and suggestions in the Frankie / Jane saga. I want to tell you all that A) I am not mad at him or disappointed. I understand he is a young and inexperienced horse and B) He needs more riding from me. Mostly I was just surprised by his actions as he never has shown any of those characteristics before.

So before one or both of us got hurt or digressed any further, I loaded up Jane on Thursday and took her to Ky. She is now at Susan's in her own little paddock and could not be happier. Well, OK she could be happier if Frankie was with her but that is not going to happen.

It was too late on Friday when I got back to go see Frankie but first thing on Saturday I went over to see him. I had talked with Tiffany on the phone and she told me he carried on for about an hour then settled down when I took Jane away.

On Saturday he seemed relaxed when I brought him into the arena , a good sign.
He stood quietly while I groomed and saddled him. Tiffany's horse Cisco did call out to him a few times and he did answer but did not get agitated like before. I decided to lunge him just a bit to see what shape we were in. He worked well and did not seem to preoccupied with calling out to Cisco. I mounted him and am happy to say he was back to his old self. We had a great ride and schooled for about 30 minutes in the arena.

Unfortunately my back has decided to spasm and flare up from previous injury and probably the moving and the fall last week. So..... I am here with heat pad and vicodin trying to get well so I can ride some this week. Now I am preparing for the ranch horse show this weekend which is a full time job in itself.


Anonymous said...

Sorry your back's hurting - ouch! But glad Frankie seems to be relaxing again. Feel better soon!

allhorsestuff said...

Good to hear that he could settle without Jane.
Gosh...for as much as it is nice for them to have a herd and It does make us feel better for the friendship is totally hard to get them to separate within hearing distances...I did it with Wa and Pantz took months for them to settle each time I took one out..and I think it may actually have been the last barn owners dogs that were ready to chase if a horse was pacing or agitated.
I think you did the only choice truly.
Have a better time of the ranch are gonna be busy in the future huh! Plan those getaways!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Oh boy, I hope your back gets better before this weekend! Yeah, our horses always seems to surprise us every once in a while with behavior that is out of character for them....have that with a three year old right now! It's my birthday today and I'm treating myself to a ride on a perfect day (weather wise), my mare's in the round pen waiting on me now! Better get...hope all goes well for you at the Ranch Horse Show! Take good care of yourself!

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