Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bronc riding

That is what my morning was..... a bronc ride on Frankie. Who knew the boy had it in him?? Let me back up a piece and fill you in.

I decided that since mother nature will not turn off the water works around here and give me suitable ground to ride on, that I would move Frankie and Jane to Tiffany's house since she is still here and has an indoor.

The decision was two sided. I am taking Frankie to the ranch horse show on the 16th and I know Jane is going to freak out when I take him. Last time she went thru the fence when I left her. I thought maybe she will behave better at Tiffany's since her horse will be there for company. I also knew it would make me take the time to go over there and care for him and thus I would ride instead of doing one of the million things around here.

So last eve, Tiffany God love her! Came over with her truck and trailer since mine are in KY with hubby, and got the kids and took them to her house. I also am happy they are there since I can visit with her some more before we part ways and both move to our new locales. Tiffany has a great indoor and several runs for pasture for the horse and donkey. I also like the fact that I can dry lot Jane as she is looking like she is ready to birth twins any day now!

OK, back to today. I got out of her at 8 and headed to Tiffany's, it is only a mile away. I brought Frankie into the arena to tack him up and he seemed very at ease with the strange surroundings. Then Jane started! She was braying and running up and down the dry lot behind the arena, I could hear all of it. Guess what? So did Frankie which led to whinnying and carrying on like a crazed man. He actually tried to rear on the cross ties! Saddling him was no picnic with that crap going on and I was doing my best not to get frustrated. I should mention it has been over a month since I last rode him so I knew it was going to be adventurous. He worked well in between the screaming for Jane and her braying for him. When I corrected him for whinnying to her he got agitated and shook his head and bucked. This went on for 30 minutes and he was in a good sweat despite it being 63 degrees out. I am hoping this will calm down in a few days but not holding my breath. I think Jane may have to head South to Ky and they may have to be permanently separated when we get there.

Any thoughts to how to get them less attached??


gtyyup said...

That is very hard for many horses. But you know that he didn't used to be that way when you first got him home. It takes consistent riding and lots of time apart (Frankie & Jane).

I'd start with getting them apart in their daily living and then start riding Frankie away...gradually increasing the distance and time away.

I know you've been really busy with your move and stuff, but not riding for 30 days didn't help his lil' mind. More riding and increasing time away from Jane.

Sorry, easy said, but hard to do with busy lives. Stay safe though.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he just wasn't ready to work for you that day - as Mark Rashid says: "ride the horse you have today" - not the horse you think you should have. He'll settle down again once he's in regular work, and all will be well again - don't worry about it too much, and take care of yourself.

ocmist said...

I just came over from Jan's Place to visit... I couldn't resist the name on yur blog.

I've got a Country Corgi blog and a Proverbs-A Bible Study blog, but I have loved horses since before I was born (according to my mother) and have had many over the years. Most are buried out in the back pasture now, but I've still got my Peruvian who is 23 now (got him when he was 3) and one of my son's horses who is 20 (Son got transfered recently and couldn't take him) We also have a 6 year old Arab rescue horse.

I've had over 40 years of experience with horses. I think that your friends are right about these two needing to be seperated... preferably out of hearing range for awhile.

Then I would do a lot of ground work before trying to ride each day until he settles down again. If you are moving, I'd even back up his training some until things settle down and get more routine for both you and him, because what he is doing now is dangerous for you both. Linda (OC's Mom)

allhorsestuff said...

I am very late here on this...sorry C!
OH WOW...what a tizzy fit those two were having!
This happened to me with Wa and pantz...just a frenzy with separation anxiety. Him being new to you though may have made it difficult..I have a long standing mode of oporadum with the Wa and with Pantz..made getting attention easier I think.
But crap...what a time!