Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Busy.Busy. Busy

Hi Friends,

I call you all that because I feel you are my friends, you know the type of friend that doesn't hear from me in a while and when we do talk again it is like we never missed a beat.

I am again lamely apologizing for my absence from blogging I really am on my way back here regularly. I have been incredibly busy working at my new venture and lots of other stuff in between. Who knew I could cram so much stuff in to one day!

Take today for instance. This is how it has gone so far and keep in mind that it is 10:15am.

Wake at 5:45, make lunches for the wee ones, take out mountain of garbage to the curb, shower, make breakfast for wee ones, gobble bowl of oatmeal, drive wee ones to school, drop husband at airport in Lexington, stop by big lots and dollar tree to retrieve supplies for gift baskets, home to wrap gifts for family we adopted at the mission, assemble gift baskets for adults at mission, wrap presents that ups dropped off while I was wrapping others, sit down to print labels to ship eBay stuff i sold this week, blog quickly!

whew! yep that has been my morning. Now I am off to deliver presents to The Gathering Place mission here in my hometown and help sort donations that have come in this week. Then I will meet a friend for lunch, walk dogs and hopefully squish in time to go see frank for a bit.

I can't wait to share my new venture with you! I know I am keeping you in suspense but as you can see I am only able to work on it in the evenings after the boys go to sleep and most nights after an hour I am too pooped to do much.

I will tell you this, it is a website and it is about horses and it will be fun and great to read, search for info and comment on. Hoping to launch by first of the year at the latest.

Thanks for riding along......Happy Trails.

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No doubt you are a busy mom. But the good thing is that you are productively busy. Don't feel stress or get tired of helping other people dear. You are an instrument of God's love.