Thursday, April 14, 2011

New beginnings

I have decided 2011 is a year of new beginnings for me. I just passed another birthday and with my birthday always comes a review of the year that passed and what I would change about it. Oh last year the list was long. How does one get in that predicament? I must confess I spent way too much of last year unhappy. I did have some outside forces that caused some of it but a lot of it was internal.

So I decided to make some changes for 2011 starting with happiness. Yes, I will strive for happiness this year. I decided a good place to start is by blogging as much as I can again. Yes, it is a challenge some days when work is piling up, laundry needs folding and kids are pulling me six different directions. I do feel much better when I put to words the things happening in my daily life, it is a way to release some of the stress that builds on me. So what else would make me happy?
More time with Frank. Not easy when working full time, hubby that travels five days a week and two young men with busy social schedules. I am striving to see Frank at least three days a week. I am very fortunate that my BO is great and turns him out daily. Another way I am finding my happiness is by doing something more fulfilling with my working life. I have a decent job and I am thankful for it, but it lacks any real brain power and is monotonous most days. I have decided to open my own business! I am starting a Equine and domestic pet sitting service. It is something I can start while still working my regular job and we will see where it leads. I have constructed a website and have gotten some vacation jobs already! I am excited to see where it will lead. You can visit it HERE. I am hoping to transition to it full time and have more outside time and not spend my days wanting to be outside and feeling useful. I have more ideas to add to it but taking baby steps for now.

Last but not least I am writing children's books as well. The books are a series about life lessons and of course Frank is the main character. The books are a reflection of what is occurring in my oldest son's life currently and the lessons we are learning from it. I have written two so far and I currently have someone doing the illustrations for me. I haven't decided if I will self publish or shop the books out to a publisher. Do any of you have experience with this?

Well another beautiful day outside today and I am counting down the hours until I get to go see Frank. Planning an outside field ride tonight.

Happy trails.....


Mrs Mom said...

Way to go girl!!
Hope the books kick butt, and the biz takes off. Always a need for a GOOD pet service provider it seems, so I'm betting things will go great for you.

Have a great ride on Frank tonight!

Rising Rainbow said...

Good for you!

Nuzzling Muzzles just self publlished a couple of books. She posted about that process on her blog. I thought her infromation was quite useful and hope to be doing my own sometime.

allhorsestuff said...

I am so glad that you stopped by recently... one of my new happiness mottos is to visit those who visit me- simply because I can spend soo very much time visiting others here..then I have no time to actually post!

It makes me very happy to blog as well. Putting to words the things of life~
I do love the diary effect.

I used to do that what you now venture to, house, dog,cat sitting. But I stayed there at the residence. I was young and living with it was a delight for me to stay away!

ONE question- We recently had a horse sitter come and muck 6 stalls and runs, bring horses in and also feed. Is that on your service list??
May I say?...I think you need your cool web page you desinged to be more horsey...horseshoes or hoof prints, or a fenceline.Just my first impression.

I am smiling inside and out after reading all the list of "Happiness ventures" you have lined up. EXCELLENT!
Frank will be such a loved star of the childrens books. I can't wait to see him in them! There are so many bloggers that write, someone will find you or you will be able to find them to inquire more.

You sound good C!
Happy belated..mine is the AARP birhtday this summer...and I am starting to evaluate my life and times as well. Loosing 20 lbs is my start. I am using a smart phone app called "My Fitness Pal" has helped me loosed 8 lbs in 3 week so far. feels good to have baggy clothes instead of zippers that unzip!

Give that handsome frank a scritch from me!

Only Prettier said...

good luck on your new year!